Plumbing troubles are expensive and stressful for homeowners. Pipes can burst, causing water damage and requiring pricey repairs. Let’s take a look at a few signs of plumbing problems in the home.

Low Water Pressure Can Indicate Plumbing Problems

It’s typically a simple fix if you’re experiencing low water pressure in only one location. The solution is often cleaning or replacing the faucet aerator. If you notice weak water flow in more than one area, it is more likely to be a more serious plumbing problem. Call a professional plumber to examine the main water line, look for leaks, and check the water heater. Low water pressure could be a sign that you have a hidden leak causing water damage to your home.

Slow Drains are a Sign of Plumbing Problems in the Home

A slow drain is an obvious sign of a minor or serious plumbing issue. Similar to low water pressure, if you only have one slow drain it is likely an easy fix. You can try DIY clog fixes like boiling water or a drain snake, but if that doesn’t fix the issue, then you might have a problem farther down the line. Also, if all the drains in your home are slow, this is a more worrisome sign. Hire a plumber to troubleshoot your slow drains.

Sewer Smells

The smell of sewage inside your home is never a good sign. A household plumbing system is designed to keep sewer gas out of the home with traps and vents. The smell of sewer gas inside could mean that you have a cracked vent line or a dry trap. The fix might be as simple as refilling the dry trap. A cracked vent line is a more difficult issue to repair and requires the help of a professional.

Winter Water Problems

If water stops coming out of your faucets in winter, your pipes are probably frozen. This is an issue to remedy right away. Frozen pipes can crack and burst from the water inside expanding. Bring in a plumber to help you mitigate the problem. Prevent freezing pipes by insulating exposed plumbing and leaving a faucet dripping when the weather is cold.

An Increased Water Bill Can Indicate Plumbing Problems in the Home

If you receive an unusually high water bill even though you’ve been trying to reduce your water usage, this is a sign of something wrong with the plumbing. You might have a leak, a running toilet, or a burst pipe. In any case, make repairs so you don’t continue wasting water and money every month.

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