Excessive water usage is bad for the environment and your bank account. If your water bill is high, you can look for ways to reduce your water consumption. Here are six tips for saving water at home.

Save Water at Home by Turning Off the Tap

Most people allow the faucet to run out of convenience. If you do your dishes by hand, turn the tap off when you are scrubbing a dish. When brushing your teeth, don’t let the faucet run. By turning your faucet off when you don’t actually need running water, you decrease your usage every month.

Fix Leaks Right Away

Leaks happen. They could be from a dripping faucet or corroded pipe. Even if the leak is small, it should be fixed right away. No matter the size of the leak, it wastes water. Repair leaks as soon as you spot them to prevent water damage and save water at home.

Make Modifications to Your Toilet to Save Water at Home

Your toilet uses gallons of water with each flush. Fortunately, there are things that you can do to save water in the bathroom. Put sand in empty water bottles and screw the lids on tightly. Place these bottles in your toilet tank. You can save at least 10 gallons of water every day with this water displacement trick. An alternative to water bottles in your toilet tank is an adjustable toilet flapper. These flappers allow you to adjust the flush rate each time.

Make Every Drop Count When Saving Water at Home

We all need to use water, but you can re-purpose some of it to consume less. Save the water you use when rinsing produce, and use it to water your plants. Place containers outside to catch rainwater and use it for your plants or to wash off your patio.

Purchase Efficient Appliances

When it comes time to replace your appliances, choose efficient models. Newer washing machines and dishwashers decrease your water bill. The money you spend on new appliances will be replenished from lower bills. Saving water at home is easier with efficient appliances. If you cannot replace your appliances, only run them when you have a full load.

Save Water by Being Smarter About Showers

If saving water at home is important to you, improve your shower habits. Never leave the shower running when you aren’t in it. Take shorter showers. Set a timer and complete your shower when the alarm goes off. By cutting your shower time by one or two minutes, you save gallons of water. Replace the shower head with a low-flow model. It will reduce the total number of gallons of water used while maintaining good water pressure.

Use the tips above to lessen the amount of water that you use. With just a few simple changes, you can save water and money every month.

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