If you have trees on your property, it’s important to keep them healthy and attractive. A sick or dead tree in your yard can be a threat to your home and neighboring properties. Check out these top 5 tips for tree maintenance.

1. Improve Your Tree Maintenance Routine by Pruning

Proper tree maintenance includes pruning overhanging branches. Tree branches that are too close to your home threaten your windows and roof when severe storms strike.

Always prune branches down to the trunk and make sure your tools are sharp and clean. Prune away any severely damaged or dead branches whether they are close to the house or not. Hire a tree care service if you are not comfortable performing this task.

2. Mulch Thoroughly

Mulch is important for helping young trees get a healthy start. Mulch protects the soil around the base of the tree from eroding. It also serves as an insulating barrier that shields tree roots from changing temperatures. Also, a thick layer of mulch makes it hard for pesky weeds to pop up. As you go about your normal tree maintenance habits, periodically check to see if the mulch needs touching up.

3. Remove Vines and Other Weeds

Weeds and vines steal nutrients from the soil that should be nourishing your trees instead. Vines climbing up a tree’s trunk may look pretty, but they are terrible for the tree’s health. They keep the tree from receiving enough sunlight and weigh down its branches. Weeds and vines should always be removed as a part of your tree maintenance routine.

4. Fertilize Your Trees Well

While most people think of spring as the right time to fertilize, it’s best to fertilize trees over winter instead. During the colder months, trees use any nutrients they absorb for strengthening their trunks and immune systems.

Use the right fertilizer for the tree species. The balance of nutrients in fertilizers vary depending on what type of tree it is best suited for.

5. Don’t Forget to Water

A watering schedule is important, especially for young trees. For growing trees, the general recommended amount is 10 gallons of water daily for each inch of the trunk’s diameter.

For most plants, fewer and deeper waterings are better than many brief and shallow ones. Deeper waterings encourage the tree’s roots to reach deeper into the ground.

Recap of Tree Maintenance Tips

When formulating a plan for tree maintenance, carefully observe the distance between your trees and your house to determine where to prune. Also, mulch thoroughly to protect the roots and retain moisture more effectively. Water your trees with deep irrigation periods to encourage deeper root growth and remove any weeds or climbing vines that sap nutrients.

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