If you’re planning to put your home on the market, your real estate agent may have given you a checklist of things to do. You’ll clean the house and tidy up the yard to improve curb appeal. You may also be planning to make some minor repairs around the home. When you’re preparing to sell your house, be sure to order a pre-listing home inspection. The inspection report will give you a complete picture of the property’s condition, which will help during the sales process.

Understand the Condition of the Home

The home inspector’s job is to examine all systems, components, and features of the house that are visible and safe to access. He or she will provide an inspection report detailing the findings.

Using the information in the report, you and your realtor can determine what issues should be fixed before putting the home on the market. Talk to your real estate agent and take advantage of their expertise in deciding how to move forward.

A Pre-Listing Home Inspection Helps Determine a Fair Price

The inspection report provides information on the condition of the house. Knowing about issues and defects will help you and your real estate agent better price the home. You’ll price the property knowing what issues you’re choosing to repair and those you’re not addressing. You can list your home for more if you make repairs, and reduce the list price to allow for any items you’re leaving for the buyer.

Make Repairs on Your Schedule

The pre-listing inspection report gives you the freedom to make repairs on your own schedule. By handling repairs ahead of time, you’ll be able to choose the contractors and the materials you’d like to use. You also have the option to handle simple, DIY projects yourself.

If you choose to skip the pre-listing inspection and then the buyer’s inspection reveals problems with the home, those issues will need to be addressed before closing. The buyer may select an expensive contractor. When problems need to be fixed within a quick timeline, the repairs are generally more costly.

Increase Buyer Confidence with a Pre-Listing Home Inspection

As a seller, you can choose to share the information in the inspection report with your buyer. Disclose any defects and share receipts or repair contracts to show work that has been completed.

A house is a big investment, and by providing this information, you reassure your buyer that the home was well cared for and that you’re being transparent. The buyer is more likely to move forward in the process with a trustworthy seller. They may even forgo ordering their own home inspection.

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