When you purchase a newly constructed home, all of the materials are brand new. You don’t expect the house to have problems or need repairs anytime soon. Because construction workers might make mistakes or use defective materials, your new house may be less than perfect. Many builders provide a warranty that covers workmanship and material defects, usually for a period of one year. Before it expires, make the most of your warranty by ordering an 11th-month warranty inspection.

Save Money on Repair Costs

Issues with the components of your home could potentially cost thousands of dollars. Grading and drainage issues, a poorly installed roof, and electrical defects will have consequences throughout your home. Your home inspector will identify any problems or safety issues so you can request that the builder make repairs. You’ll save money if you have repair work done before your warranty expires.

Uncover Hidden Issues with an 11th-Month Warranty Inspection

Some material defects or workmanship issues aren’t obvious right away and may not affect your home for years. These problems become your responsibility if not discovered before the warranty runs out.

An unsightly puddle of water in the yard may seem like a minor bother, but standing water near your home is a sign of improper grading and drainage. Excess moisture is not good for your foundation and over time can lead to mold and even foundation cracks. Order an 11th-month inspection and a professional will assess the condition of the entire home and inform you of issues that need to be addressed.

Request Repairs Before the Warranty Expires

To take advantage of the warranty, you must file a claim before it expires. Most warranties are valid for one year. A home inspection in the 11th month will find safety issues and property defects, allowing you time to file the claim. You’ll receive an inspection report with photographs of defects that you can share with your builder when you request repairs.

Order an 11th-Month Warranty Inspection to Prepare for a Future Sale

You’ve only just moved into your new home and are probably not thinking about selling right now. But, when you do, your buyer will order a home inspection. Issues that have been present since the initial build will be discovered and affect the buyer’s offer. Order an 11th-month warranty inspection to understand the condition of your property. You’ll be better prepared for a sale in the future.

Before calling your home inspector, it is important to understand the builder’s warranty. Review your warranty to see what is covered and learn about any exclusions. The 11th-month warranty inspection will determine if any defects are present and you can arrange for repairs with your home builder.

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