If you are having a home built from the ground up, you get to enjoy the benefits of customizing your dream home. It is also an overwhelming and stressful undertaking. By ordering a new construction inspection from a third-party home inspector, you’ll know the quality of the work before the final walkthrough with the builder.

1. Check the Work of the Subcontractors

When a new home is built, the builder subcontracts work out to different companies. The builder may hire an electrician or a plumbing company for the installation of those components.

Much of the work happens simultaneously, which means it is not always possible for the builder to thoroughly observe or review all of the workmanship. Faulty materials or cutting corners might go unnoticed without a new construction inspection.

2. Find and Fix Issues Early in Construction

Some home inspectors offer new construction inspections at different phases of the building process. This service gives the homebuyer an advantage by catching any issues before they are covered up by materials like drywall.

If a problem is discovered after the home is complete, repairing it can be invasive and costly. It is best to have the builder remedy any issues while the area is still accessible.

3. A New Construction Inspection is Different From a Code Inspection

Municipal code inspections are required and important, but they are not a substitute for new construction inspections. Code inspections only check for basic code compliance. A new construction inspection thoroughly examines an extensive list of systems and components in your newly built home.

4. If You Resell, You’ll Be Glad You Had a New Construction Inspection

Your new house is an investment that you may decide to sell one day. When you do, a potential buyer will order their own home inspection. Anything that was not installed properly during the initial construction will likely be revealed. It is best to have construction-related issues fixed before you ever move in so they don’t become a problem for you in the future.

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