Improve Indoor Air Quality at Home

Homeowners are becoming more aware that they should try to improve indoor air quality at home. Many people suffer from conditions related to air quality. The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America ranks allergies as one of the top chronic health ailments in the country. Poor indoor air quality can also exacerbate conditions such as asthma. This article offers five useful tips to help improve indoor air quality.

1. Add Screens to Doors and Windows

One quick way to improve indoor air quality at home is to install window and door screens. With screens on windows and doors, you can let in fresh air without insects coming inside. Don’t open the windows on days with a high pollen count. Any other time of the year, opening the windows for just 15 minutes a day to let fresh air inside improves indoor air quality.

2. Install Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans in the home help to circulate the fresh air coming inside from open windows. If you don’t already have ceiling fans, installing them is an affordable upgrade for your home. Ceiling fans also assist the HVAC unit with climate control. Run them clockwise in winter and counterclockwise in summer.

3. Improve Indoor Air Quality by Vacuuming Frequently

You should vacuum your home frequently for multiple reasons, one being that vacuuming improves air quality. During the course of a typical day, people and pets track pollen, dust, and other potential allergens indoors. To remove even more allergens and bacteria, use a HEPA filter for your vacuum.

4. Have Carpets Cleaned

To prevent allergens and odors from getting trapped in carpets and rugs, clean these fabrics regularly. Carpet cleaners use professional-grade equipment to generate steam or foam that extracts embedded debris from delicate carpet fibers. This process, like vacuuming, positively affects air quality indoors.

5. Air Duct Cleaning Services

Many homes today rely upon central heating and cooling systems for climate control. This technology warms or cools the air before circulating it through air ducts. The interior of the ducts eventually accumulates dust and debris. Professional cleaning removes particles from the ducts that end up in the indoor air. Find a company that specializes in air duct and air vent cleaning. These companies possess powerful commercial tools to access ducts throughout the home. Order this service every few years to keep ducts from recirculating dirty air.

Use the above 5 strategies to improve indoor air quality at home.

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