Are you excited about building a house but wondering what features and items to include? Let’s take a look at a few great ideas for your new home.

Ideas for Your New Home Include Luxury Bathrooms

Luxury bathrooms have become increasingly more popular for new homes. Older homes usually have basic bathrooms. However, homeowners prefer bathrooms with storage space, a large tub, and multiple sinks, especially the one connected to the master suite. Planning for extra space and quality components will increase the resale value of your home and allow you to have a comfortable, functional bathroom space.

A Media Room is a Great Idea for Your New Home

A media room is a wonderful addition to your new home. Include comfortable seating in front of the media center. You might add an extra bathroom off the media room and a small kitchen area with a wet bar. You will never want to go to a movie theater again when you have your own in-house media room.

Custom Shelving

Make sure you plan for custom shelving. Almost all homeowners wish they had more storage. You can use shelving for storage or to hold framed photos and decorations. You might build a shelf for the multimedia unit in your living room. Bookshelves that fit perfectly around an archway create more usable space in the home. Ask yourself which rooms can be improved with extra shelves and work with your builder to include them.

Deep-Pour Basement

Increasing the height of your basement ceilings is a useful feature to consider when building a new home. A full-height basement makes this area of the home feel more inviting and open because of the high ceiling. Even if you don’t finish the basement immediately, a high ceiling gives you the flexibility to convert the basement into a living space in the future.

Ideas for Your New Home: Open Floor Plan

Open floor plans have become trendy recently. Buyers love this type of home because it helps to include the family in various activities. An open floor plan also makes it easier to use any type of furniture. The other advantage is that it maximizes the overall square footage of the house.

Higher Ceilings

Higher ceilings are an easy way to open up the space of your new home. Taller walls and higher ceilings create a more luxurious feel to your home. Decorating becomes more enjoyable when you have space to add wall art and bold, attractive lighting fixtures.

Storage Ideas for Your New Home

Add extra storage spaces in your home. You’ll love the ability to store things out of sight and you’ll find that buyers will value the storage space when you decide to sell the home. Deep pantries, attics, and walk-in closets should be a part of your home plan. Extra storage goes a long way in keeping your home tidy.

Upstairs Laundry Room

Your laundry most likely originates upstairs where most of the bedrooms are. Why not include an upstairs laundry room so you won’t have to travel up and down the stairs with each load? When designing your own house, you may not want to have the laundry machines in the basement. Plan your space for ease of use.

When you’re designing and building your own home, there are countless features you might include to make your living spaces more functional and more enjoyable. Talk to your builder about the ideas that most appeal to you and your family.

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